Supporting business with
our unique post office network.


A robust network

Hub deployment in Japan and abroad.
What composes this overwhelming and robust network?

  • 24,000offices

    Number of post offices

  • 31 million locations nationwide

    Number of postal delivery locations served daily

  • 4.09 billion

    Number of Yu-Pack and Yu-Mail received

  • 19.38 million insurant

    Number of Japan Post Insurance customers

  • 120 million accounts

    Regular savings accounts

  • 7.45 million accounts

    Bankbook app registration

  • 150countries

    International logistics network

  • 50countries

    Number of countries with international logistics hubs

  • 31,000

    Number of ATMs

  • 1,250companies

    Affiliated financial organizations with ATM access

  • 144.5 billion items

    Number of postal items handled (including international)

  • 93,000locations

    Number of postal and revenue stamp sales locations

  • 194.9 trillion JPY

    Savings balance

  • 20.98 million policies

    Number of private insurance policies in force

  • 1.92 million policies

    Number of private pension insurance policies in force

  • 26locations

    Number of logistics warehouse hubs (in Japan)

Reference material: Japan Post Group Annual Report (disclosure report) 2023, etc.


Group assets built up over 150 years

Group assets we have accumulated for 150 years since our establishment. We provide universal services through postal, bank, and insurance options. And we also staff a number of employees with specialist qualifications.

  • 11 trillion JPY

    Net worth

  • 2.8trillion JPY

    Group-held real estate (book-value)

  • 175,000post boxes

    Number of post boxes installed

  • 83,000vehicles


  • 30,000vehicles

    Mini vans

  • 2,600vehicles

    Mini trucks

  • 374,000

    Regular employees: 208,000
    Non-regular employees: 166,000

  • 44agreements

    Number of comprehensive partnership agreements (prefectures)

  • 1,733agreements

    Number of agreements regarding cooperation with local communities (municipalities)

  • 1,615agreements

    Number of disaster prevention agreements (municipalities)

  • 92,000employees

    Number of employees with Insurance Agent Certification

  • 90,000employees

    Number of employees with Securities Sales Representative Certification

  • 70,000employees

    Number of employees with Financial Planner Certification

  • 657.4 billion JPY

    Group consolidated net ordinary income

  • 91.76 billion JPY

    sales of catalogue order

  • 11.1 trillion JPY

    Group consolidated ordinary income

Reference material: Japan Post Group Annual Report (disclosure report) 2023, etc.


A remarkably diverse range of business sectors beyond

Real estate, product sales, advertising. Back office BPO supply.

  • One-stop logistics solutionsWe offer the strength of possessing a postal service and logistics network covering the entire nation, along with optimization of logistics issues (storage, pickup, processing, etc.) through our held assets and knowhow.

  • International logistics businessPlentiful solutions for foreign delivery, cross border EC. We also funnel support from group companies specializing in international logistics.

  • Real estate business(Internal group real estate development and investments in prime outside real estate)

  • Merchandise business(Catalog business, storefront sales, and internet shops)

  • Advertising businessBusiness opportunities using post office space, including poster and catalog placement and events.

  • Post office living assistance services“Mimamori (Watch Over) Service” and “End-of-life Planning Services”

We also provide temporary staff service, call centers, damage insurance, automobile maintenance, IT, facilities management, office cleaning, forwarding, digital-related services, etc.