Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Japan Post Capital Co., Ltd.
Privacy Policy

Last updated: 10/20/2022

Japan Post Capital Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Japan Post Capital” below) complies with the Japan Post Group Privacy Policy, and in recognition of the importance of appropriate protection and handling of personal information, herein sets forth and implements a basic policy concerning the protection of personal information (referred to below in general as “Privacy Policy,” and the Privacy Policy specifically set forth below is referred to as “this Privacy Policy”).。

1. Compliance with laws, etc.

In the handling of personal information, Japan Post Capital complies with laws and national government designated policy concerning the protection of personal information, and matters set forth in this Privacy Policy (referred to below as “Laws, etc.”).

2. Personal information usage purpose

Japan Post Capital will always specify the usage purpose of personal information and not handle that information outside the scope required to achieve the usage purpose.

However, concerning Individual Numbers, we handle Individual Numbers only within the scope of usage purposes set forth by law. Furthermore, Japan Post Capital does not use personal information in such a way that could possibly aid or encourage illegal or unjust acts.

3. The handling of pseudonymized personal information

When Japan Post Capital acquires pseudonymized personal information, we will promptly announce the usage purpose publicly, unless that usage purpose has already been announced publicly.

Additionally, if we change the usage purpose related to the acquisition of pseudonymized personal information, we will publicly announce the revised usage purpose.

4. Acquiring personal information

Japan Post Capital acquires personal information through legal and proper means.

5. Personal information security control measures

To prevent the leakage, loss, damage, etc. of personal information, Japan Post Capital applies appropriate security control measures for retained personal data as follows.

(Organizational security control measures)
In addition to appointing an administrator in charge of handling retained personal data, we also supervise employees, subcontractors, etc.

((Human security control measures)
We regularly give education and training to employees.

(Technological and physical security control measures)
In foreign countries where retained personal data is handled, we implement room entrance and exit management and restrictions on devices carried, as well as retained personal data access management.

((Assessing the external environment)
In foreign countries where retained personal data is handled, we implement security control measures based on an understanding of their systems pertaining to the protection of personal information.

6. Supply of personal information to third parties

Japan Post Capital will never supply personal information to a third party without the prior consent of the individual, except as otherwise provided by law.

Additionally, if Japan Post Capital implements shared use of your personal information, we will individually notify or publicly announce the necessary matters set forth in law before implementing shared use.

However, regarding identifiable personal information, notwithstanding the above provision, we will never supply to or allow shared use with a third party except as otherwise provided by law.

7. Responding to requests for disclosure, etc.

If Japan Post Capital receives a request for usage purpose notification, disclosure, correction, cessation of usage, etc. pertaining to retained personal information set forth in Laws, etc., or a request for the disclosure of records concerning the supplying of personal data to third parties, we will strive to respond in good faith.

8. Inquiries

Please contact the following office regarding any requests pertaining to your retained personal data as set forth in the previous paragraph as well as any feedback, request, or inquiries about the handling of personal information.
Management Department: 03-6268-8311

9. Continual improvement

In consideration of information technology development and changes in social demands, Japan Post Capital will continuously review and strive for improvement of management system and initiatives for the protection of personal information.

10. The name and address of the entity responsible for managing personal information, and the name of its representative

Japan Post Capital Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President Toshiya Maruta
Otemachi 2 chome 3-1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004